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International Women's Day - Annie's story, art pioneer (subtitled video)

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Make your vote count and support adult education in Gateshead!

It is time to vote for learners, tutors, or groups learning in Gateshead who have done well, overcome. barriers or challenges, changed someone's life, or are of high quality. Here is the link to the page on Gateshead Council's website:

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Week 8: on we go!

A great evening's work in class tonight. Lots of colour!









Saturday, 9 March 2019

Week 6: 7 March 2019

A great evening, everyone seems to be enjoying their projects now they are getting into them with more clarity and purpose.

Andy: lovely bold start with the strong diagonal device being developed again - good to see consistency. Also great to see the red background being such a bold tone right at the start. 

Caroline: a terrific tone drawing in graphite with beautiful attention to edges of leaves. A very good achievement which should set you up well for your next idea. Even if you go for colour the learning about tone you have gained in this drawing will be of enormous help when trying to understand tone in colours. 

Catherine: this is developing so well. Beautiful darl background with a good colour accent rather than in deadpan black. Keep adding a base white layer to the leaves/petals to help lift the colours when you add them again. 

Dot: super start with bold simple shapes and design (composition). Adding the final leaves to create your surface pattern design will be fun. Be bold and strong with your colours. Enjoy exploring how to create so many greens and shapes.

Graeme: teriffic start with lots of interest coming from all the motifs you are adding around the figure. Think about how they interlink and perhaps how the colours can add feeling and meaning.

Jeff: Stunning start. Be brave and learn by making more and more lines to create a more dense and rich pattern. Do lines in many colours - like the artist you are following does in his work.

Waseem: this is developing really well. Very good dark tones and much better now you are getting them darker. Continue making the background leaves even darker greens and blue greens before you add the light colours to the flower. 
Yvonne: this is starting to become really interesting to look at now you are adding the extra shapes. Be playful in how you add the rest and be bold in how you add tone and line. Remember it is the whole picture within the frame that matters in the end not just the actual plants. This way you turn it into a work of art rather the a photo copy.